cam Berg

Cameron Berglund

Cameron Berglund is a multi-discipline designer whose diverse professional portfolio spans domestic and international projects ranging from resorts in Central America, and universities in the Middle East, to children’s gardens and museums within the United States. Throughout the course of his work, he has developed strong design sensibilities with regard to the balance between functionality and aesthetics on a variety of project typologies. His comprehensive approach to project collaboration, problem-solving, and project management allows him to explore and convey his ideas through study sketches, 3D models, computer renderings, and watercolor illustrations.

Cameron’s emphasis on empowerment and education has led him through a diverse range of opportunities. His experience as an educator ranges from individual mentorship to curriculum design & instruction in Uganda, to the creation and facilitation of Graduate and Undergraduate design classes at the University of Georgia. Throughout these experiences, Cameron’s passion for the profession and his strong skillset enable students to engage their enthusiasm and grow their knowledge.